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About Retina Cooley

Hi! My name is Retina Cooley, the owner and massage therapist of Retina’s Relaxation Center in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. I offer massage therapies and other spa services at reasonable rates. I specialize in relaxation techniques that relieve stress and reduce tension in the muscles.

Why Me?

My mindset is based on the belief that my clients’ needs are important and are my top priority. My entire business is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, I do not rely on a lot of advertising because a high percentage of my clients are from repeat customers and referrals.

A Lifetime of Service

I have always wanted to be my own boss. I did not really understand what that entailed, being young, inexperienced, and indecisive. I wore many hats over the past years.

Customer service positions have played a large part in my employment history. They have given me the opportunity to hone my people skills. Having worked as a receptionist, waitress, and massage therapist, I have always catered to the needs of others.

Even being the eldest sibling of 17 allowed me to know the true meaning of being a nurturer. I learned to listen, learned to share, and learned to put another person’s needs ahead of my own.

Massage Chose Me

I learned about massage therapy in January 1995 while deciding whether or not to move to California. My aunt was deeply into teaching others to properly care for themselves, from eating healthy and exercising properly to using health supplements and equipment for healthy living.

Although some of the items she possessed were things I had never seen before and had never heard of, they seem to have helped her clients. I wanted to do the same thing. Times have changed and have become more stressful than the days of old, even if it was just a bit more than 20 years ago. I then decided that Detroit was, is, and always will be my home.

Upon my return, I tried to pursue an education in massage therapy but was unsuccessful. I then chose to work and care for my family until a better time. When opportunity knocked, I answered.

Certifications and Educational Attainments

Baker College (2014)

  • Associates of Applied Science

  • Certificate of Completion – Therapeutic Massage